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With over 30 years ox experience, we hope you will be excited to hear a set made especially for Alt Sapce. This set will include a mix of Disco, 80s and 90s mixed in with a...

Get Funky with FLEX (Disco,80s,90s)
Starts in about 17 hours
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The multiverse is colliding! Yes, we are having a joint podcast interview that between Simulation Nation and VR Verdict. We are Simulation Nation, interviewers of VR...

VR Verdict Interview
Starts in about 18 hours
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We can just talk about pressure. The Humanism Meetup meets at least monthly. Check my channel for dates and times. This meetup is intended for, but not limited to...

Humanism: Humanist Hangout
Starts in 1 day
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In this special meditation series hosted by ggGeoffrey and Guests, we will explore avenues for dealing with issues of intractable pain. Chronic pain can sap the energy and joy...

Meditation for Chronic Pain
Starts in 1 day
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This special Meditation session is only possible in VR. We will begin on the surface of the earth and slowly make our way to a (safe!) low earth orbit as we work to shift our...

EvolVR Overview Effect Meditation with Jeremy
Starts in 1 day
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Why is there sex? Which is the dominant sex in human evolution? Why does it matter? This is limited to 18 and older. If you do not want to see or hear details about sex please...

Humanism: The Role of Sex in Human Evolution Part 3
Starts in 1 day
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The official Liquicity Community events AltspaceVR debut. All Liquicitizens and Drum & Bass lovers welcome! When thinking of Liquicity, one of the first things to come to mind...

Liquicity Community Stream at Two Stories
Starts in 1 day
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ॐ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ Hey you! Welcome to The Inner Circle & Different Drumz Full Moon Party special! Ready to join the raveolution?...

Full Moon Party with Different Drumz - Drum 'n' Bass, Psychedelic Rave & more! - Bassline Beach - The Inner Circle
Starts in 1 day
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Join us as we hangout in the Safe House every Saturday at 1pm Pacific and then Come join our global LGBTQ weekly meetup that offers support, encouragement, and love from all...

LGBTQ+ & Friends Hangout
Starts in 1 day
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(18+) A place where actors learn about the basics of acting on stage. From sense recall, to stage movement and management and so much more. We will also touch on stage direction...

The Actor's Workshop
Starts in 1 day
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Population 1 player SowingDesert (Ranked in the Top 10 worldwide) shares his tips and tricks for becoming an expert Pop1 player! Come learn from him, ask questions, and improve...

Population 1 Techniques Seminar
Starts in 1 day
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London club night How Does It Feel To Be Loved? throws a party in a VR recreation of Brixton's much-loved Canterbury Arms pub, playing indie pop, northern soul and 60s girl...

How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Guest DJ Black Francis of Pixies
Starts in 1 day
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Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in 1 day
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Catch up on past and future events and updates going on in AltspaceVR. This user-created event scans the metaverse for news on AltspaceVR activities, world building news,...

News & Updates by Mark
Starts in 1 day
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Welcome to Real Talk! Real minds from either side of the pond and the audience will come together to talk about the hot topics from politics to parties.

Mental Health. Can We Break the Silence?
Starts in 1 day
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/\ Ravenhall Events presents 'It's Shark Time!' - a game show like no other! /\ Journey with Michael Forest and his adorable co-host Sharky to the bottom of the Virtual Sea....

It's Shark Time!
Starts in 1 day
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When stressful events come our way, evolution has hardwired us to go into the fight-flight-freeze response. This automatic process served us well in surviving across millennia...

Mindful Meditation with Kristin
Starts in 1 day
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MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY Come by for laughs, weird stories, madness and most importantly, fun! A great way to make new friends and get to know the ones you already have. No comedic...

(16+) Improv Night w/ Stevieboy & Shoseki
Starts in 1 day
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Listen to chill music and enjoy the entertainment that the Brick Shed has to offer. This is the first of many events hosted by AussieGuy92. All AltSpace users are welcome....

Happy Hour At The Brickshed
Starts in 1 day
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Chat & Learn about spirituality, magic, interdimensional energy and more! Please come with an open mind. This weeks theme is DREAMWORK - Taking a Dream Journey

~~Psychic Schoolhouse ~~
Starts in 1 day
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Let's get together and talk about God, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Past lives, Aliens, and everything else! Our aim is to have a respectful conversation about your epistemology, or "why"...

Critical Thought!
Starts in 1 day
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“An award - winning documentary that exposes the nightmare of paid vacations, universal healthcare and windmills!" A Jonathan Blank movie Your evening begins in our brand new...

Sex, Drugs & Bicycles Movie Premiere
Starts in 1 day
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WELCOME: This is a time for Cornerstone VR Church and anyone interested to hang out, discuss the Bible, and pray for each other. We will be working through the Experiencing...

Cornerstone Experiencing God Study
Starts in 1 day
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Droppin' Jewelz Radio is an American virtual reality radio show, produced and hosted by Jewelznyc (Renée Alston) in AltSpaceVR every Saturday at 9 PM EST. Focused on Black...

Droppin' Jewelz Radio Show
Starts in 1 day