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Mandarian Chinese Event

The Metaverse represents the dawn of Web3. Join us to learn about Meta Oasis - the first MBVR (Metaverse Based Virtual Reality) platform in Korea. Come join us to learn about how the new platform is designed to push the boundary of Web 3, NFT and virtual assets as well as how to create business opportunities in the virtual world with Yoana Tan is the Global Marketing Manager for the Meta Oasis platform.

The Educator in VR Chinese team is a multicultural team discussed in Chinese/ English language, we want to connect educators from Asia to the world and openly discuss XR technology and its impact on education. We believe XR will disrupting traditional education methods, allowing students to explore the world around them in new ways. Join us to discuss the future of education and be a part of the team

Educators in VR is dedicated to integrating VR, AR, and XR into education and business. We host over 800 VR free and paid events, classes, workshops, and conferences annually covering all aspects of education.

打造元宇宙和Web3的商機:Meta Oasis 是韓國第一個 MBVR (Metaverse Based Virtual Reality)的元宇宙平台. 在本次的演講中, Meta Oasis的行銷經理Yoana Tan 將分享這個新平台的架構, 商業模式, 以及它如何把元宇宙的概念和Web3, NFT以及虛擬商品與土地結合. 創造更多元的生態系.

EDVR致力於將 VR、AR 和 XR 集大成到教育和商業中。我們每年舉辦超過 800 場免費和付費活動、課程、研討會,涵蓋教育的各個方面。EDVR成立於 2018 年,我們聚集了全世界對VR教育有興趣的教育家齊心解決共同挑戰,現已有來自世界各地超過 4,000 多名成員,以及十幾個團隊項目。


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