Dragons & Life | Let's Play!

An Exploration of Playing RPGs in VR


Dragons & Life is an event that is meant to bring fantasy and reality together through the exploration of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Savage Worlds. While RPGs are based in fantasy, the community we build together and the things we learn from role-playing characters different from ourselves can very much add some magic and growth to our real life adventures. So let’s have some fun and learn a little bit about ourselves as we roll!

These are weekly events where Anita and Kaijudo explore playing RPGs in VR with you. During these "Let's Play!" events, Kaijudo leads us through actively playing an RPG session together. We would love to introduce you to the magic of RPGs, so come on in to either play with us, or simply watch the fun unfold!

Anita is the founder of Vitality ReAwakened. She has a passion for helping people discover magic in their everyday lives through natural means, and a strong love for D&D where fantastical magic abounds. She very much believes the two can go hand in hand, and would like to explore that here.

Kaijudo has been a fan of tabletop games for 12 years and likes all fantasy settings from Wizards and Dragons to Modern and Cyberpunk. He has also been active in VR for over 6 years and is excited to try to bring these two areas of his life together.

The two of us got to know each other better while playing Township Tales after a vrAwakened community game night, and have since spent countless hours together producing events, supporting each other, and dreaming up ways of turning our shared interests into exciting meetups such as this one!

This event is part of Vitality ReAwakened, a network of wellness minded people who all want to improve their lives and support each other in a safe and inspiring environment within virtual reality. You will find events to attend and worlds to visit that can begin to reawaken your vitality and help you once again find the joy, wonder and magic in life.

We were all meant to feel good and truly enjoy life. Let us help you move back to that!!

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If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)