The Tonight Show Starring Sherwin


Welcome to The Tonight Show Starring Sherwin! Come check out our daily dish, amazing guest interviews, and more! Hosted by Sherwin with DJ Vaditron! Must be 18+ to enter.

Our next guest on the Tonight Show couch is spiritual activist and medium KAT NIAMBI aka THE HUNGRY MEDIUM! Kat has been a medium her whole life and can communicate messages from those who have passed on. She shares her gift and has done readings for many people. Not only is she a medium, but she is also an incredible cook and host of her own metaverse show "World Hopping with Kat Niambi" with VRTalks. Come hear about her experiences as a medium and how her journey in the metaverse has been so far!

Produced by: Sherwin’s Productions Sponsored by: Bigger Better Meta World by: Stovert Hosted by: Sherwin DJ: DJ Vaditron Special Guest: Kat Niambi (The Hungry Medium)