Generative Art and the Future of Creativity

with Inscape Studios Co-Founder Matt Sinclair


Generative Art is a process of algorithmically generating new artistic ideas. In other words, it's a method by which us mere mortals can use machine assistance to improve our creative endeavors.

Here to talk about how robots will transform our art, writing and creative expression is Inscape Studios Co-Founder Matt Sinclair.

Matt will also be giving away an exclusive pass to the invite-only server for MidJourney, where you can forge AI generated art of your own with simple text commands.

Check it!

Simulation Nation is a Worldcast transmitting from the Earth iE2 dimension. Hosted by Johnny Android and his cyberpunk bot Hiro, they interview leading VR professionals, review VR games and movies, and host otherworldly events— all live from the metaverse.  

Their mission is to save our dimension from the dystopic fate that befell theirs, and embedded within their episodes are the keys to our survival. They suggest you subscribe to all of their channels as though your existence depended on it—









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