(18+) Don't Trip Over Your Words


In this game of back and forth trivia, you could never know what subject to study for! Our dedicated host, Trippy spends hours each week compiling lists such as “Top 20 most sought after dog breeds” to “Races within the Star Trek universe” (did you know there is 416 to name!) Perhaps your sweet spot will be naming every film that Indris Elba has graced, or listing off the many parts of the Human Eye- whatever it is, there is bound to be a category that’ll be your time to shine.

After spinning the vast wheel of catagories to determine what we will be grouping , 2 audience members turned competitiors, will take turns quickly naming off single items that fit what we are looking for. If they hesitate for too long or name something that doesn't correctly fit the current category.. they are OUT! Think you have what it takes to rise to the top? Raise your hand, take the stage and whatever you do-- DON'T TRIP OVER YOUR WORDS!