Jano Live

performance by Jano Vocalman


Altspace's beloved rockstar, Jano Vocalman is taking the stage to rock your cartoony faces off! His vibe tends to change with his mood, from Spanish-language originals to a wide variety of covers, you are guaranteed to find yourself swaying to his soothing deep croons or joining in on a virtual mosh pit! Either way, this concert is sure to wash away your Monday-Mehs with a fresh dose of Forward Vibes >>

If you are enjoying the artist, please consider donating at https://ko-fi.com/janovocalman . This musician brings his talents all the way from Argentina, where the exchange rate is somewhere around 1 ARS = 0.0094 USD and the average wage comes out to under 4k USD a year, so when he says every dollar counts, he really means it.