FreaKKshow 2021: KARNYVAL


KARNYVAL is our fusion of fantasy, bringing together Brazilian Carnaval vibes and Classic Carny Culture to unite the freaks, the fabulous, the bold, the bizarre and revelers of every variety!

: : : DJs on MULTIPLE STAGES : : : - FETISH - - ALICE IGUCHI [ebb + flow / Electronic Grooves] - - TRAVISTY [Trifucta / SOUP NYC] - - Edgar LeBron [I FEEL / Nomadic Rabbit Holes] - - Vito Fun [Bubbles & Bass / Kostume Kult] -

What can you expect to see pop up on our screen???

: : : PERFORMANCES : : : Flow artists Honeybee Hoops Lavi Co Samra Electric Liz Piano Concerto - Queen of Love & Hope Aerial Moss Acro Yogis - Bunny & Bear Kink & Buffing with Tempest Eukele with Biolu Min Escence Giorgio Carpetgasm (with Jen Taves) Improvisational Looping by Hartbeats Carnival Drag Show by Moss Elf of NYC MindGazm Stilt Walkers Freakky Giant Puppets Musical Performance by Darrel Thorne Coney Island Sideshow acts featuring - Specialhead - Renata - Peter Mercury - Zalika - Anya - Anna Monoxide - Sage - Sol Gogo Misters featuring Joni, Shana & Glow job ...and... KLOWNS!, featuring - Maggie McMuffin - Zero Boy - Soul Sanitizing Sisters - Papal Klown Trio - Join our order!

: : : HYBRID EVENT : : : Want to dress up and join on video? Join us on Backroom Social Club - an interactive online forum we have collaborated with on Horned Ball and Black & Light Ball. Watch the craziness and video-chat with people online and at the event. Learn More at And during the event, login at

: : : ABOUT KOSTUME KULT : : : Kostume Kult (Costume Cultural Society) is a non-profit arts org supporting costume art, street theater and big fun while bringing wonderful people together. Freakkshow #13 is our Dark Carnival, circus themed event and fifth year collaboration with House of Yes. For more info please visit: