BRCvr & Kostume Kult - The Horned Ball VR


Kostume Kult & BRCvr Present ~ VR HORNED BALL ~ Rise of the PhoenOx

Kostume Kult's longest running spring bacchanal fundraiser comes to VR reliving the music and absurd moments from this year's renegade Horned Ball in Brooklyn's Prospect Park (from May 8th) while creating new ones in avatar form on May 21st. Come visit Kostume Kult's updated VR Camp with DJs and much horned video fun with digital horns to be provided! 3D Best with a VR headset (like Oculus Quest) but also accessible in 2D through PC or Mac.

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HORNED BALL 2021 THEME & HYBRID FORMAT Every spring, Kostume Kult's NYC community comes out of hibernation - in horns, ready to dance. The 17th annual Horned Ball, "Rise of the PhoenOx" merges the legend of the Phoenix, rising from 2020's ashes, with the Lunar Year of the Ox -- blending Greek and Chinese legends with Horns and Feathers! Usually a grand, absurdist costumed gala, this year covid restrictions prompted innovation with a renegade event in a wooded area of Brooklyn's Prospect Park, with multiple DJ rigs and hundreds of people braving potential rain (which never came!). On 5.8, HB went from 4pm-1am with the after-party (also in Prospect Park) going til 5am. Also social-casted on the new, interactive, burner-developed, Backroom Social Club platform ( while reworking event footage for VR Horned Ball on 5.21. The PhoenOx Rises Again this Friday!

DJs - VITO FUN: - Others TBA

ABOUT Horned Ball is Kostume Kult’s longest running event - an absurdist spring bacchanal and one of Kostume Kult's three annual Burning Man project fundraisers. HB is our most fantastical (geek) oriented event followed by our (chic) Black & Light Ball in June and our (freaky) circus themed Freakshow in July. 2021 is Horned Ball #17 where, with this year’s homage to Oxen/ Bulls, HB2021 happened during Taurus vs its traditional date in Aries. All Horns! For more on Kostume Kult (and the full story on what happened at the 5.8 event) go to:

KK-BRCvr TEAM - Production: Wabi Sabi, Costume Jim & BRCvr Team - Video Team: Stephen Stuart, Stefan Spins, Dave Friedbourne, Valene Éschelle-Lievel - Music: Gene Harrison - Flyer: Gerhardt Dekunst & Tom Egan - Donation questions: