BRCvr: Genuine Maker/Vibe Creator MAGIIS #298


Mystery Manor Episode 11 If you are an actor or have ever wanted to try your hand at acting, we invite you to join us as the mystery of the Mystery Manor unfolds. We are also looking for camera people, extras, editors, etc. The story so far. Many years ago, my uncle George disappeared. To this date no one knows what happened to him, although there is a lot of speculation. The locals seem to know more than they are letting on. Rumor has it that either Uncle George was killed or is still living within the walls of the manor. There is also talk of a treasure. After Uncle George was declared legally dead, I found out that Uncle George had left me the mansion, but unfortunately the upkeep was just too much, and I had to rent it out. Mystery, the new owner is trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Uncle George. Last week we found a crystal ball… Join us as the story unfolds.