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Today we got a special pop-up event. We are going to show you the amazing 3-hour long Metallica concert of the North America Tour in 2017. Something different than usual.

We start at Twilight Zone, a dark medieval town with a heavenly church flying in the sky, where the concert will be seen. You will be taken to the heavens with a special angelic portal. Up there, it's party time!

Halfway through the concert, we are going to move to Club Ubi XL, which will be a very new interesting way to experience a concert, with visuals all around. It's a big warehouse with many screens which will symmetrically double the concert and give it a whole new dimension.

Host: SonnyEverywhere


This is a place to explore your mind, rave to (psychedelic) music, watch concerts or listen to interesting speakers. To be free. Out of your mind and into your feet (or soul).

The term "psychedelic" is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, "soul") and dēloun (δηλοῦν, "to make visible, to reveal"),[3] translating to "mind-manifesting".


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