oompa loompa jeo-party (test run 2)


test run 2

Welcome to Jeo-Party

I am your host Oompa Loompa come play a fun filled jeopordy trivia game with me and the audience

Their will be a team of 4 so 8 contestants all together but in a pair of 2.

after the 10 min mark after the start of the event ill be pairing the 8 contestant who wanted to play with each other by a spin of a wheel.

If you show up late you will be on the audience team

The audience will be team 5 on the game show and will get their point system

their will be 4 rounds of jeo-party

Round 1 normal score points

Round 2 Double Score points 200 to 1200 +2 if correct -2 if wrong

Round 3 Triple score points 600 to 3600 +3 if correct -3 if wrong

Round 4 final jeo-party question one question you message me what u wager

Contestant Rules: if your team mate disconnects you will get to choose a new teammate out of the auidence

if you go afk your team mate can still answer the questions for your team

the team mate who has a disconnect or afk partner will get to choose who the auidence member they want to sub in is.

if your team wins tonight u both will have to show up to defend your championship at the next event.

Audience rules: If you shout out a answer and its wrong you get minus the points of that question

if the person who answers the question last time but knows the next question answer please dont raise your hand give other auidence members a chance to guess too.

if you get on a team because a contestant afk or disconnects you are just a sub but after the 10 mins mark

if that player dont come back you will be on that team for the rest of the event.

if the audience team wins the night of the event they will get their picture up on the wall

Don't be mad at your team mates or audience members

if they get this wrong this is just a game for fun time in altspace

if u want to know more about future events im having subscribe to my channel https://account.altvr.com/channels/oompaloompaevents

Recording Disclaimer: By entering this event, you hereby irrevocably grant AltspaceVR and Microsoft and its affiliates, agents, and licensees, the right, but not the obligation, to photograph and record your avatar, likeness, voice, and/or username and to own, license, assign, and use the same (or any portion) in the production, exhibition, and promotion of the event, AltspaceVR or other Microsoft products and services without compensation, in any media and on any platform now known or hereafter devised (including the Internet) throughout the universe in perpetuity.  You waive the right to bring action of any kind in law or equity against Microsoft.
If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)