Join us this week for Sundays at Saxy's! This week we will be featuring St. Louis' very own Ms. LayLow!

Leia affectionately known as "Laylow" to her family and friends both in the real world and in altspace just loves music. All genres, instrumentals and. Since the age of three, Laylow has loved singing and performing for family and friends. "Music has always been my outlet to let my soul cry. Whether it's a good or bad feeling. There will always be a song to bring you through, to inspire you and more. As a hobby Laylow loves to share her life experiences with music. This this is my current story and the songs that got me through it. Hope you enjoy!"

Need a place to unwind? Tired of the real world drama? Well, meet MetaCulture every Sunday at 5 pm eastern at SirSaxy's Spot for soulful sounds and smooth grooves.

**We want to know if you can sing, play an instrument or even spoken word. So bring your talent and friends! If you would like to be featured on stage, send us your info at