We can't let the season go by without Mardi Gras and Carnival y'all! Help us celebrate the culture and join the MetaCulture mas band this Tuesday night! We're going have DJ Iman from 7pm to 9pm est for the Mardi Gras and again from 10 to 12 midnight for Carnival! Iman will be banging your eardrums with that soca sound to make you wine up ya hips whether you're front line mid line or back line, the vibe'll make you jump up out your avatar and get it where you live it but don't hurt yourself though. We got them good lawyers on deck. Come on out and play mas with the MetaCulture Masqueraders and get in costume! We’re bringing the beads, the floats, the masks, and we got that king cake for you too! Put yo headset on and get on down to Nawlins! We'll meet you on di road!