Full Moon AFTERparty with Different Drumz - Drum 'n' Bass, Psychedelic Rave & more! - Bassline Beach - The Inner Circle



Hey you! Welcome to The Inner Circle & Different Drumz Full Moon Party special! Ready to join the raveolution?


This Saturday we got a special event in collaboration with Different Drumz! Full Moon Party on their wonderful, tropical Bassline Beach! Expect a lot of Drum 'n' Bass, Psytrance & more!

We are starting in the daytime version of Bassline Beach, then we go to the sunset version and later the nighttime!


The Inner Circle: DJ Sonny Moon

Different Drumz: Eazy-G & Mr Nitro


(0:00 - 01:00) The Inner Circle - Daytime Beach - Freestyle Genre

(01:00 - 02:30) Different Drumz - Sunset Beach - Drum 'n' Bass

(02:30 - 04:00) The Inner Circle - Sunset Beach - Psychedelic Rave

(04:00 - 05:00) Different Drumz - Nighttime Beach - Drum 'n' Bass

(05:00 - 06:00) The Inner Circle - Nighttime Beach - Psychedelic Rave

Host: SonnyEverywhere, Eazy-G and Mr Nitro.


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