A Safe and Friendly place to chat about life with ADHD


Open Chat with occasional topics for folks with ADHD. Come and meet your Tribe! Agenda: - 3 breaths to focus us - Your Wins from last week - Open Chat - Five Minutes of Mindfulness

This is a place to come and chat with other members of your Tribe. Making friends and building our support community is a weak spot for many of us with ADHD. This weekly meeting has been running since Feb of 2020 and we want you to be part of it!

Our meetings open with 30-60 seconds of breathing to help us pause and transition from the outside world to our world. Next, everyone is invited to share a success they’ve had recently and get some emojis and support.

Some meetings then have a short (10-20 minute) slide show on a particular topic, followed by Q&A and Open Chat. Other meetings are Open Chat the whole time.

Come and meet your Tribe!