Are you tired of fishing? Tired of Casting into a huge body of water and waiting hoping for a bite at the bait that you can reel in only to have to cast your tired lines again and again with no  success?

“ come here often?” “What’s your name?” “What’s your sign?” “What are your interests? Who you be with?” Tired of the lines? Want to meet potential mates in a safe controlled environment with NO TIME FOR GAMES? Well we’ve got something for you! Come and be a part of MetaCulture’s speed dating event and interview potential suiters in short rounds of conversation that promote the sharing of important information to help you find that ONE you share a quick connection with.....or an altspace boo if that’s your thing. Stop wasting time with taken or not looking. EVERYBODY at our event is looking for that someone so RSVP and get there early on Feb. 5th at 10pm. Don’t be late...Oh and be sure to bring your bait!