Global New Year Celebration!

Live Loved Christian Devotional


Bible Based Devotional

Time to ring in the new year!
Our Live Loved community spans the globe. Join us as we celebrate the dawning of the new year around the world.

06:00 AM EST: New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga
07:00 AM EST: Russia, Marshall Islands
08:00 AM EST: Australia, Solomon Islands
09:00 AM EST: Brisbane, New Guinea, Guam
10:00 AM EST: Japan, North Korea
11:00 AM EST: China, Honk Kong, Singapore, Philippines
12:00 PM EST: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia
13:00 PM EST: Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Buhtan, Kyrgzstan
14:00 PM EST: Uzbekistan, Pakistan
14:30 PM EST: Afghanistan
15:00 PM EST: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Mauritius
15:30 PM EST: Iran
16:00 PM EST: Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Kenya
17:00 PM EST: Egypt, Greece, Romania, South Africa
18:00 PM EST: Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Algeria
19:00 PM EST: London, Ireland, Portugal, Ghana, Iceland, Scotland
20:00 PM EST: Cabo Verde, Greenland
21:00 PM EST: Brazil, South Georgia/Sandwich Is.
22:00 PM EST: Argentina, Chile
22:30 PM EST: Canada (NFL)
23:00 PM EST: Venezuela, Boliva, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
00:00 AM EST: US (WA, NY, ML), Cuba, Canada (QC, ON)
01:00 AM EST: Mexico City, Guatemala, US (DT), Canada (MB)
02:00 AM EST: US ( Canada (AB)
03:00 AM EST: US (CA), Canada (BC)

Special Events...

Move #5 Starting at 8:00 PM EST

Faith's Song

Movie #4 Starting Now (4:00 PM EST)
The Secret Garden

Movie #3
Journey To The Christmas Star

Movie #2
The Mysterious Note

Movie #1
Nikki + The Perfect Stranger

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