Psychedelic Rave - KlePSYdra Live DJ set & Amazing set of Astrix on Boom Festival, 2019! - The Inner Circle



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Tonight we are going to give you two sets! We got our very first Psytrance DJ partnership: DJ KlePSYdra. He will share with us his awesome, trippy live-set he did back in July, 2020.

KlePSYdra - VERTIGO RECORDS Commercial Director and label manager Denys Seddler (Ukraine) - The founder of the biggest psytrance community in Ukraine Psytrance Ukraine. BEST dj project in Ukraine. One of the founders of promo NERO Surfers and the owner of the NEURO Surfers Record. One of the organizers of the great Ukranian psytrance festival - Misterika Festival. The organizer of psytrance parties at the GOA for several seasons.

Link for mixes:

KlePSYdra's Soundcloud

KlePSYdra's Mixcloud


But before that, we are going to show you a set of Astrix on Boom Festival, Portugal, in 2019. I was there myself, and it was really freakin' amazing. If you are new to Psytrance, this is a GREAT set to get you started!

Before and in between the sets, we will go freestyle.

Astrix Facebook Page --- Astrix Youtube Video set

Host: SonnyEverywhere


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