Welcome to Christian Fellowship. CF runs on Est. but if you can join events, can't wait to see you. Generally, events run twice a day. Christian Fellowship Welcome Center is the main hub and consists of 4 floors. There is a Welcome Center, Community Center, Banquet Hall and a Premiere Dance Club. On the Welcome and Community Center floors are elevators. These elevators have worlds corresponding to them. So as a building is, this is how this world works. So, come in, check this world out. Make sure to save it and join the Facebook and or Discord. Not every world is open, except when there is an event. But there are some worlds that are open, including some fabulous guest worlds that you have got to check out. Events will be posted in the Welcome Center. So, some events include worlds like, Club Praisum, a Bible Beach for meditation, Movie Theaters with a lobby to hang out in and mingle before the shows begin. If you like Broadway style Theater, visit Stage Presents!. Christian Fellowship also has among other worlds, a Sports Complex and a Spin Club. Yes, a Spin Club. Join me for some short 30 minute Low Impact workouts throughout the week. Anyway, that's just a few of the events. Please don't forget to LIKE and SAVE the Welcome Center, as all the other Floors and Worlds stem from there.