Art seems to have little to do with technology, instead, it is associated with expressing emotions and what is happening in the artist's soul. It usually functions in the natural environment, here and now, and the Internet, television, or other media are used primarily for its promotion and distribution. However, art is open-minded and looks for different ways to reach people. Such as augmented reality, which has already revolutionized many spaces in which man works. Today we can enter the world of art in virtual reality like a real gallery, immerse ourselves in the world of sounds, colors and light, and even become part of it. All thanks to augmented reality technology. Everyone can enter our virtual art gallery, we do not require tickets, and there are no specific opening hours or queues before entering. Biegas RCB Virtual Gallery is a place for both artists and art lovers. It was created by the group International Arts Fellowship of Rotarians, which was founded on the initiative of the Rotary Club Białystok, together with the Bolesław Biegas Museum. Our virtual gallery is a place for presenting art, exchanging views, and international cooperation between artists and all those for whom art is a passion.