Welcome to the G-A-Y Socials, we provide support, entertainment and LGBT friendly space for everyone around the world! Join our weekly G-A-Y Meet Up Social on Thursday at 9pm (BST uk time) and our weekly G-A-Y Talk every Monday at 9pm (BST uk time).

Our community is place where LGBT+ can raise issues and express their thoughts and feels. We want to create a safe place for people in the LGBT+ community can mingle and entertained at our events and, make friends and share stories along the way!

Our G-A-Y Meet up social is a gathering social every Thursday at 9pm (BST, UK time) where we express our feelings and stories as a group. The session is half gathering and half social mingle, so we get a chance to make new friends. It is also a general update on our lives and our current live situation. Come on and join us! This is more an intimate setting where we can all have chat.

The G-A-Y Talk is a talk show every Monday at 9pm (BST, UK time) hosted by Edmund and co-hosted by Jaymify with special guest every week! The G-A-Y talk starts with every topic every event, from coming-out stories to the safety of online! Feel free to share your topics to discuss about, message Edmundarc or Jaymify. We encourage the audience to participle at our show! Audience is the most important part of our show!

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