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Are you an AltspaceVR User on an Oculus Go? Then this is the event for you! This presentation will cover some common, and some not-so-common problems that Oculus Go users face...

It’s Go Time
Starts in 1 day
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WARNING! WARNING! Ω Omega Directive Initiated Ω To all known species, please appoint a delegation to attend the Emergency Cooperation Council Summit (TECCS) on Thursday, July...

Star Trek Social Scavenger Hunt
Starts in 1 day
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Take up the Quest and dive into AltspaceVR to connect with other Oculus Quest Users. Join Michael Forest to learn how to optimize your experience and get the most out of...

It’s Quest Time
Starts in 1 day
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Hang out in the THOTCON 0xVR World!! THOTCON is a real-world hacking conference held in Chicago each year. This is a hang out / meetup with no set agenda. Just chill out in our...

THOTCON 0xVR Alpha 2
Starts in 1 day
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Human resources staff, employees, educators, and fans gather here to discuss the future of spatial technologies in human resources collaboration, training, advancement, and...

HR in VR Meetup
Starts in 1 day
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If you write songs or producer music of any kind, come join us to meet other Altspace artist like yourself. Share your creations, gain more followers, discover new music and...

Share Your Music Meetup
Starts in 1 day
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Welcome to A Thing In A Place with Don, Stevie, and Maggs where we talk about anything ranging from what we had for breakfast to carrots for fingers. So, come with us on our...

A Thing In A Place
Starts in 1 day
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Come enjoy an evening meditation with long time practitioner KeoKi98

Meditations with Keoki98
Starts in 1 day
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Do you want to help others but just don't know where to start? How do you find your passion for service? Can you still volunteer even though you may be quarantined or isolated?...

Rotary VR Universe Meet Up
Starts in 2 days
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Join us for our weekly LIVE VR DJ party featuring Illuminatty! Streaming Illuminatty mixing music in TribeXR.

VRhythm Thursdays with Illuminatty
Starts in 2 days
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Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in 2 days
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42 SECONDS - THE JESUS MODEL FOR EVERYDAY INTERACTIONS ##Every interaction you have can be significant. --- *"Forty-two seconds: That's the average length of Jesus'...

It's Time To Learn To Talk Like Jesus
Starts in 2 days
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I will share with you 4 Habits, 4 Mindset Hacks and 1 Tool for a happyer, self confident YOU! High achievers are clear on their intentions for themselves, their social world,...

The Future Four - 4 Habits to Boost Your Confidence
Starts in 2 days
Tile wouter s 90s music dance party

Wouter's 90s Music Dance Party! Listen & Dance to 90s music! Everyone is welcome!

Wouter's 90s Music Dance Party!
Starts in 2 days
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This special Meditation session is only possible in VR. We will begin on the surface of the earth and slowly make our way to a (safe!) low earth orbit as we work to shift our...

EvolVR Overview Effect Meditation with Jeremy
Starts in 2 days
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Are you ready to learn VR development in VR? Join us for our meetup explaining what Unity is, discussing Unity vs other engines, using Unity for VR world development, and how...

Learn VR Development with Unity
Starts in 3 days
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In this workshop you’ll be introduced to some surprising, easy, and effective ways of "making", which I’ve taught at Emily Carr University! The process of making is not hard to...

Unique Ways of Making
Starts in 3 days
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Come study Japanese with me, you can be a beginner to immediate, Japanese Study Buddy is place to learn and study Japanese and have fun while doing so make friends

Japanese Study Buddy 2
Starts in 3 days
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Join Michael Forest at the Ravenhall Flight Academy and master the ways of movement and flight through AltspaceVR! We'll take your Altspace related questions and get you...

It's Flight Time
Starts in 3 days
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Romance, Comedy, Action and more! Movie trivia quizzes you on all your favorite types of movies. Contestants will be chosen from the audience, and continue until one person...

Movie Trivia Night
Starts in 3 days
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Welcome to The Dating Game! Well, sort of. Instead of looking for love, you'll be looking for friends! Hosted by WalaWasabi & Sydney! <3

The Dating Game
Starts in 3 days
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Hang out with Troy & Matt at The Late Night Barbecue. Grab a beer and a burger, meet new friends, play cool games and relax while you take in the midnight scenery.

Late Night Barbecue
Starts in 3 days
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Nationites! Tonight we are doing our first film voted on by you, Black Mirror's San Junipero. We will break down what makes it good (or bad), give it our Wow! rating, and open...

Black Mirror's San Junipero Reviewed by Simulation Nation
Starts in 3 days
Tile arduino course

Content of this session: - Arduino course introduction. - Registration for the course. - Feedback -------------------- Join us on Discord for code reviews, requests, feedback...

Course Intro, Register and Give Feedback.
Starts in 3 days